Friday, July 4, 2008

Poodles in Japan

In Japan, poodles, particularly Toy, are quite popular nowadays.
Well, since Japanese people live in such a tiny house,
it makes sense to have a small dog.

But why poodle?
I pondered. And I researched on the Net.
It seems that a groomer popularized Teddy Bear cut.
And then Japanese girls flocked to poodles.

Here are a few of sample Teddy Bear Cut:

Here are some of very cute poodles:

Oh my god! she is a doll!

Look! How pampered she is!

I like her not-overdone Teddy bear cut.

Mom, I think they are cute.
But Teddy Bear proper is a bit too fluffy for my taste.
Please do not give me Teddy Bear cut.
I like the way I look now.


Mira said...

Hi Noriko,
Those photos are really cute, but not as cute as the ones of Lulu. Thanks for sending me the blog address again.
Mira @ Teca Tu

Lulu said...

Hi Mira,

I am flattered! Thank you!